The Cat Came Back…

“…The cat came back. They thought he was a goner But the cat came back. He just wouldn't stay away. The man around the corner said he'd shoot the cat on sight. He loaded up his shotgun full of nails and dynamite. He waited... and he waited... 'till the cat came walking round And ninety-nine … Continue reading The Cat Came Back…



Sometimes I consider myself paranoid walking up to the car in the morning. I leave the house for work early, usually well before sunrise, and walk a hundred-fifty-feet up twenty-five stone steps to the driveway. I swivel my light and perk my ears. I never stroll up with a carefree saunter, at least not before … Continue reading Catamount


"I believe in love and compassion." ~Mother Teresa "Many years ago, just after Mother Teresa had been awarded the Nobel Prize, she was on a Canadian interview show with a biologist who had also just won a Nobel Prize. During the discussion, the biologist began to speak of the possibility of creating everlasting life through … Continue reading Teresa


I have a nephew who is prone to innovative haircuts and expressive selfies, but he’s a pretty good "kid." Happy 23rd birthday, Victor. You were fun to draw.