Trying to Breathe

A week ago, Renée pointed to her computer and said, “You should watch this video, but be prepared.” We don’t have a television in our house and neither of us have been desensitized to TV violence for at least three decades. To watch the scene of George Floyd being strangled to death in broad daylight … Continue reading Trying to Breathe

Juxtaposition of Germs

A dark SUV flips a U-turn and parks a stone’s cast from where I crouch over an unconscious bundle of fur. A woman hops out and crosses the road. With one hand in her hair, she speaks with urgency. “I hit something. What did I hit?” I was returning from work at the power plant … Continue reading Juxtaposition of Germs


My hands are not used to all this soap and water. The alcohol from my little spritzer of homemade hand sanitizer stings the tiny cuts on the edge of my finger. I greet a co-worker from a distance, our hands tucked into our pockets. The morning meeting typically consists of thirty-five power-plant workers crowded around … Continue reading Distance