The Raven

The Common Raven (Corvus corax) is a large and widely distributed corvid. In the Western Hemisphere, they range from the arctic to Central America, and from 14,000 ft peaks down to the coast. Other similar species range throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. Some confuse a raven with its smaller cousin the crow, but please do not … Continue reading The Raven


My hands are not used to all this soap and water. The alcohol from my little spritzer of homemade hand sanitizer stings the tiny cuts on the edge of my finger. I greet a co-worker from a distance, our hands tucked into our pockets. The morning meeting typically consists of thirty-five power-plant workers crowded around … Continue reading Distance

Earth on Fire

The earth was on fire this morning Somewhere east of here Flames licked the clouds We stood around and gaped Awestruck, cameras clicking Then the apocalyptic inferno Slowly dwindled down So we all went inside And put the coffee on   As viewed from Spring Gulch, northwest of Lyons, Colorado.