Colombia 2022 – Filandia

Our recent visit to Colombia included a few days in the quaint town of Filandia, Quindio, near Armenia. This colorful "coffee-culture" pueblo is a popular destination for vacationing Colombians. One of the attractions is a large tower on the edge of town from which, on a clear day, one can see both cities of Armenia … Continue reading Colombia 2022 – Filandia


November Aspen

The appearance of an aspen forest in November is much different than its summer green and autumn gold versions, yet its beauty is undiminished. Below the surface, these trees faithfully store energy throughout the bitter winter hoping to send the sap upward from the roots to the branches with the warming spring to come. Click … Continue reading November Aspen


We said goodbye to our beloved Kelly last weekend. She lived a good long life - playing with our sons, displaying entertaining streaks of mischief, and generally being too smart for her own good. Her job was a therapy dog at Longmont United Hospital where she served along side Renée for 14 years (from the … Continue reading Kelly

Doc Spratley

My essay and drawing, "Doc Spratley" was recently published in FLARE: The Flagler Review. This story is a flashback of fishing with my dad in the 1970s and fast-forwards to his final days on earth. Hope you enjoy.