Husband, father, turbine engineer, gardener, and amateur thinker who sometimes likes to write essays and scribble drawings (see, and a man who follows Jesus Christ with faltering steps.

This blog is a mix of personal narratives and contemplative essays intermingled with sketches and drawings. “Follow” this blog if you like what I write. I don’t just write to give myself something to do. I will keep doing it anyway, but followers give me more motivation. I especially appreciate comments that offer a perspective that differs from my potentially narrow view of the world… so fire-away!



5 thoughts on “About David

  1. Love your real thing essay, your drawings, and my memories of your parents. I’m not a big follower of anyone’s blog, but I may have to make an exception with yours.

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  2. It’s good that the world has such accompished “amateur thinkers” in it. Love your writing Dave, and quite frankly I miss that smiling face and great laugh of your too!

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  3. Now, you are soooo far away, but Diane showed me some things of your drawing and writing and I am really impressed!!!! You have a really special gift!!!!
    Crying about Falco….
    It is nice for me to get to know you a little bit….
    Your whole family is really talented!!!!
    God bless you!!!!

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