Patriotism is not Black-and-White

I was born in the United States and am a citizen of the USA. I did not choose this, but I am thankful to be here. However, I have important loyalties that are sometimes in conflict with the national priorities that stem from my government. My primary allegiance is not to the United States of … Continue reading Patriotism is not Black-and-White



"I believe in love and compassion." ~Mother Teresa "Many years ago, just after Mother Teresa had been awarded the Nobel Prize, she was on a Canadian interview show with a biologist who had also just won a Nobel Prize. During the discussion, the biologist began to speak of the possibility of creating everlasting life through … Continue reading Teresa

Genesis One and the Elasticity of Time

Years ago, I read Albert Einstein’s book, “The General Theory of Relativity.” More recently, I read Gerald Schroeder’s book, “The Science of God.” Quite frankly, Einstein was a little easier to understand than the astrophysicist, Schroeder. However, the latter really caused me to think hard about the concept of time, and how it relates to … Continue reading Genesis One and the Elasticity of Time