The Tangy Dolma

Okay, here is a recipe that has taken "years" to develop. These are a somewhat substantial appetizer with many different flavors that are not typically combined.  Please use a meat that tastes interesting like goat or lamb or venison. Grape leaf preparation:  Pick young, tender grape leaves about 5-6 inches wide.  This recipe will need 2 … Continue reading The Tangy Dolma


Genesis One and the Elasticity of Time

Years ago, I read Albert Einstein’s book, “The General Theory of Relativity.” More recently, I read Gerald Schroeder’s book, “The Science of God.” Quite frankly, Einstein was a little easier to understand than the astrophysicist, Schroeder. However, the latter really caused me to think hard about the concept of time, and how it relates to … Continue reading Genesis One and the Elasticity of Time