Five Phoneless Days

I assure you – I had no conscious premeditated intent. It was an accident. It wasn’t even entirely my fault. After a week-long Christmas visit, I drive my mom’s Subaru to the airport in Pasco, Washington with my eighty-three-year-old mother in the front seat and Renée in the back. As we cross the bridge over … Continue reading Five Phoneless Days


Sketches from Costa Rica

Here are a half dozen of my sketches from our two-and-a-half week trip to Costa Rica. On the muddy road to Colonia Blanca, Costa Rica, we passed a boar being taken to visit a sow.   Native to Costa Rica, Porterweed is often seen in cultivated gardens. Its flowers attract short-billed hummingbirds, moths, and butterflies. … Continue reading Sketches from Costa Rica