My drawings from the first half of October are posted over here. I consistently continued with daily ink drawings for the remainder of the month and am posting the last half of Inktober today. If you want to see larger versions and the captions that go with the drawings, see my posts on Hope you enjoy at least a couple of them. Let me know if you have any favorites.

Inktober 16: Stonebridge Barn (pen and ink)

17-Squirrel-reduced18-Maple Leaves-reduced

19-Coyotes-reduced20-Half Open-reduced21-Butternut on plate-reduced22-Delicata Squash-reduced23-Mom-reduced24-Ponderosa-reduced25-Hawthorn-reduced26-Pumpkin-reduced

27-Beet-reduced28-Conniption 2-reduced29-Saidel Tree-reduced30-Cup-reduced


31-Batman Robin-reduced
Inktober 31: Batman Robin (pen and ink with watercolor)

Robin showed up at the Halloween costume party dressed up like his cohort, but unfortunately, he forgot to remove the badge from his breast feathers.


6 thoughts on “Second Half of Inktober (days 16 – 31)

    1. Thanks, Eduardo. That is a Hawthorn bush that has been rooted near our leach field for the last 30 years and during that time has only grown a couple inches. The yellow lichen on its bark tells me it is a very old plant. This Hawthorn has always intrigued me.

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