Have you heard of the global drawing exercise called “Inktober?” This is an annual event where established and aspiring artists from around the world create an ink drawing every day of October (31 days / 31 drawings). The drawings do not need to be polished, and most of mine end up being like field sketches. It is a good excuse to actually sit down and draw something at least once a day and hopefully develop a good habit. Serious Inktober enthusiasts follow pre-established prompts for their drawings (see inktober.com), but not me. I usually look for something to draw in the evening after dinner, or find something in my imagination… it is a great excuse to relax with pen in hand. If you want to see my full-scale drawings with captions, you are welcome to visit (and/or “follow”) my art blog at: dbsuchart.wordpress.com or Instagram @dbsuch.

Here are my contributions for days 1 through 15 — hope you enjoy some of them.

1-Scribbling with Precision- reduced 2-Apple Leaves - reduced

3-Eleven Sixteenths - reduced 4-The Media-reduced

5-Conniption-reduced 6-Okefenokee Swamp-reduced

7-Black berry tree with spanish moss-reduced 7-Bottle brushes-reduced

8-Tybee Lighthouse-reduced 9-Bonus-Rainbow Head-reduced

9-Salsa and Water-reduced 11-Cleat-reduced

12-Great Blue Heron-reduced 13-Stippled Mug-reduced

13-Stippled Smirk-reduced.jpg 14-White Ash-reduced

15-Road Home-reduced

Stay tuned for days 16 through 31, or follow them on dbsuchart.wordpress.com. (And join me if you dare.)


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