“I believe in love and compassion.” ~Mother Teresa

Teresa-reduced w quote
Teresa (pen and ink)

“Many years ago, just after Mother Teresa had been awarded the Nobel Prize, she was on a Canadian interview show with a biologist who had also just won a Nobel Prize. During the discussion, the biologist began to speak of the possibility of creating everlasting life through DNA research. To stir things up, the host asked Mother Teresa what she thought of the possibility of ‘real’ everlasting life as opposed to the church ‘fiction.’ Mother Teresa replied, ‘I believe in love and compassion.’ It was one of those moments when the narrow ambitions, self-centeredness, pride, and delusions of our modern civilization were seen through, and an issue reframed in the light of a transcendent perspective that simply bypassed all modern dogmas, prejudices, and half-truths.”   (from Subversive Orthodoxy, by Robert Inchausti, pages 184-5)

Regardless of how Christians are portrayed and regardless of how selfishly many of us behave, Teresa’s statement (and her life) embodies the central theme of Christianity. We are called to be ambassadors of God’s love to all human beings, including those who do not yet know him, those who do not deserve it, and those who have no way of paying back anything to anyone. May those of us who claim to follow Jesus act accordingly.

If a Christian’s life is not characterized by love and compassion, I don’t want to hear about their politics, social reforms, legislative bills, fundraisers, etc… and yes, I am painfully aware that all this applies to me as well.

“Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.” ~Colossians 3:12


6 thoughts on “Teresa

  1. Dave,
    I try and do this every day but the reminder is very welcome. Just think what it would be like to have this adopted by many, many more. The picture of Mother Theresa is beautiful Dave. Keep on Truckin Brother!

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