Here are a half dozen of my sketches from our two-and-a-half week trip to Costa Rica.

Map of Costa Rica (pen and ink with watercolor)
Cerda Macho (pen and ink)

On the muddy road to Colonia Blanca, Costa Rica, we passed a boar being taken to visit a sow.


Porterweed (pen and ink with watercolor)

Native to Costa Rica, Porterweed is often seen in cultivated gardens. Its flowers attract short-billed hummingbirds, moths, and butterflies. It was bumblebees that enjoyed its nectar on the plant adjacent to our room in San Vito, and as they landed, their weight bent over the limber stems.


CR-Slaty Flycatcher001
Slaty Flycatcher (pen and ink)

The Slaty Flycatcher is commonly seen flitting among the bushes in the highlands of Costa Rica where it is an endemic species.


Buff-rumped Warbler (pen and ink)

The Buff-rumped Warbler can be seen flicking its tail and bouncing around wet grassy clearings near flowing water or from rock-to-rock within a stream. They remind me of the American Dipper except these tropical warblers do not dive under the water in search of insects. Their range extends from Honduras down to Peru and Brazil.


Double-striped Thick-knee (pen and ink with watercolor)

The Double-striped Thick-knee forages for insects and small critters in lowland dry grasslands and arid savannahs in Central America and the northern part of South America. We saw these guys on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. With its large yellow owl-like eyes, it is mainly active at night.



4 thoughts on “Sketches from Costa Rica

    1. Yes, very fun names. There is a whole array of foliage-gleaners, woodcreepers, honeycreepers, leaftossers, seedeaters, a couple grassquits, and the beloved Bananaquit.


    1. Eduardo – My memory is not good enough to sketch the jumpy birds… that’s what a camera is for. However, the Thick-Knee stood still in the field for a long time and I was able to sketch him by looking through my binocular.

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