Okay, he is not from there, but my 19-year-old son (see “Joel“)  is in Costa Rica for his second winter in Central America. Last year he spent a month in Belize and four months in Guatemala exploring the culture, the language, and –mostly– the birds.

He has been writing a blog about his adventures that contain many beautiful photos of the birds he has encountered. Because his current job involves capturing, measuring, and banding birds, he has had the opportunity (and responsibility) to document birds with his camera while in-the-hand. His close-up photos display the stunning beauty of these tropical birds.

So check out his blog at joelsuch.com and if you like, follow along with his adventures. You can actually sign up to be notified by email when he publishes a new post.

Here is one of his photos, a Collared Redstart:

Collared Redstart

Collared Redstart by Joel Such




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