A couple months ago, my brother, George Such, suggested that I submit some of my essays and/or drawings to various journals for publication. Many dozens of his poems have been published in print and on-line journals over the last decade. After I overcame my initial hesitation and uncertainty, I took his advice. At the end of October, I submitted a couple essays and a couple drawings for publication in a few journals including the South 85 Literary Journal. Without any collaboration, George had independently submitted a couple of his poems to the same journal, and this morning they published the fall/winter issue of South 85 Literary Journal that, in an amazing coincidence, contains one of my brother’s poems and one of my drawings.

Here is the link to the journal:   http://south85journal.com/issues/fall-winter-2017/

Click on “Poetry” to find a link to his poem and click on “Artwork” to find a link to my drawing.

In the meantime, my essay, “Relinquished” was accepted for publication in a future issue of Weber — The Contemporary West.

I am pleasantly shocked.




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