While browsing around on WordPress.com last night, I came across a short article called “Simplified Fish Skinning.” It sounded interesting and useful. Ironically, I had removed a frozen 4-pack of trout to thaw in the refrigerator a couple days ago. I freeze our freshly-caught trout submerged in a bag of water. This keeps them fresh and prevents freezer burn for well over a year. I learned this gem of a trick years ago from my late mother-in-law. Tonight, with a mixture of skepticism and hopefulness, I gave the Simplified Fish Skinning technique a try.

Details later, but oh my goodness! How easy and effective! I wish I had known about this technique fifty years ago. From now on, life will never be the same. My instinctive reaction was to call my dad and tell him about this remarkable discovery, but of course, he passed away last May. Well then, I guess I need to tell everyone else.

The technique: Hold the fresh fish under hot (not warm) tap water for 20-30 seconds, rotating it to heat the skin evenly and thoroughly. Then the magic… peel the skin off like a banana. No kidding, it works!

Here are a couple photos I offer as proof:

Trout that have been peeled before cooking
Sizzling with onions and black pepper in the skillet

Apparently it also works over the flames of a campfire. Check out the source of this life-changing wisdom:





One thought on “A Miracle with Fish!

  1. You wish you had known this fifty years ago… that makes you how old? Heehee
    Don’t like fish anymore but I do have a bag of fish frozen in water I could try it on.


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