Skeptical:  inclined to question the validity of something purported to be factual.

Mystic:  someone who believes in the existence of realities beyond human comprehension.

I am among those who are a mystic at heart, and skeptical about many things that western culture presumes to be true.  I am skeptical about some of the following:

◾Statistical correlations establish truth.
◾Human beings are steadily improving and will someday become their own saviors.
◾Science is the only path to discovering truth.
◾Politics are the only way to change the world.
◾Changing the world is more important than changing ourselves.
◾Money is the best way to measure cost and value.
◾Churches in America are on the right track.
◾America is God’s chosen nation.
◾”Facts” are unbiased and proofs are worth pursuing.
◾Technological triumphalism will make this world a better place.

The list goes on….

Some of these things are obvious fabrications of our culture, or a particular subculture, but others on the list may be partially true.  Regardless, I have found it easy to be skeptical about most of it.  I am fairly comfortable with unresolved mystery, and do not pine away for closure at the expense of compromising the truth or oversimplifying reality.

Enough said.


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